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Housing renewal

Building a brighter future for all Westminster communities

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We believe in building a city where everyone can have a place they are proud to call home. That is why we are embarking on our most ambitious, affordable housing programme in a generation.

Our vision and ambition: building homes for the people of Westminster

Our programme will deliver modern affordable homes built to the highest standards. We are building homes for people at all stages of life. We want everyone to have the opportunity to make Westminster their home, from young people just starting out, to families, and older people in need of supported housing.

Highlights of our programme include:

  • Ebury Bridge, where we are delivering 750 new homes in Pimlico, around half of these affordable, working in partnership with the local community. Ebury Bridge residents have actively participated in the consultation process to date, and local residents alongside the wider community will continue to be at the heart of the project
  • Church Street, where we will transform the area with our ambitious masterplan, including the delivery of around 1,750 new homes and a 40 per cent increase in publicly accessible open space
  • across the city we are striving to deliver high quality homes, exceptional public spaces for our residents, and great places for those who work in and visit the city

Current projects

More information

Read more about Westminster Council's leaseholder and tenant housing policies, or our housing renewal strategy.

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Do you have a question? Please get in touch with our Housing Renewal Team to learn more about projects across the city.