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Holding an event in Westminster

The City of Westminster is home to some of the most iconic event locations in the world.

Published on: 7 January 2021

Last updated: 18 March 2021


Please make sure you have read our COVID-19 events and filming guidance carefully, before you apply. Our Housing team are currently not accepting applications to film on housing estates. Waterloo Place is now available for unit base bookings.

Hundreds of events are held in Westminster every year including red carpet premieres, parades, New Year’s Eve fireworks, marathons, street parties, national commemorations and many more.

We welcome applications for product sampling and commercial events, which take place primarily in our parks and gardens.

Check if your location is within the City of Westminster.

Events and filming fees PDF, 58.09 KB, 1 page

Private land

You need to let us know if your event will affect residents, businesses or visitors even if it is taking place on private property. You also need to get in touch if your event involves:

  • crowd management
  • fireworks
  • large vehicles or equipment
  • a bar or live music which need a licence

Please contact the Environmental Health team at [email protected] if you have any special effects or activity that may need a licence.

Non-council locations

Some locations that are open to the public are privately owned or managed such as the Royal Parks, Trafalgar Square (except the North Terrace, which is managed by the council) and Parliament Square.

Below are some popular locations that are owned or managed by other organisations. Please contact them directly for permission to hold your event.  

Housing estates

If you would like to film on a Westminster housing estate, you must apply directly to the Housing team.