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Service charges

As a Westminster City Council leaseholder find information about your service charges and how to pay them.

Published on: 8 January 2021

Last updated: 30 April 2021


In April 2020 we changed the way in which we bill. Now we serve an annual estimate in March every year. The statement of actual expenditure for the previous year is issued every October.

Payment of the estimated invoice is required within 21 days or 12 equal instalments starting April of each year, payment of any Actual Expenditure debit is required within 21 days or 6 monthly equal instalments from October.

We work with nearly 200 key leaseholders across the city to help us get bills right.

A key leaseholder works on behalf of all the residents in their block or estate. They check detailed billing information, including communal repairs, so that any questions are resolved before the accounts are sent out to their block or estate.

If you are pushed for spare time, the good news is there are no meetings and no training is needed. If you would like to volunteer for this vital role, you can discuss it with us on the phone or email us for more information.

Call: 0800 358 3783 Email: [email protected]

Changes to your service charge bills

We have listened to your feedback and have changed how we bill you so that you no longer receive two half-yearly estimated bills in April and October. 

From now on you will receive an annual estimated service charge bill in March. You will need to pay this bill in two equal payments before 1 April and 1 October or in 12 equal monthly instalments (April to March), unless you have agreed a payment plan with the Leasehold Operations team. 

A statement of actual spend for the previous financial year will be issued in September so that you know what credit/debit is on your account based on what was estimated.

We have also redesigned the layout of our bills and included two handy guides to help you understand your bills which you can find in About your Service Charge section. We hope these improvements will make understanding your service charges easier.

Paying your service charges video