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Help with financial matters

Find out how you receive financial help.

Westminster Council financial support

Universal Credit, which is claimed from the government, has replaced Housing Benefit for most people of working age who are making a new claim. If you are of pension age or living in supported housing or temporary accommodation, you can claim Housing Benefit from the council. 

If either Housing Benefit or the housing allowance included in Universal Credit is less than the full amount of your rent, you can apply for  a Discretionary Housing Payment, an extra payment towards your rental costs.  

Anyone liable to pay Council Tax with a low income can claim a reduction to their bill called Council Tax Support, which is means-tested from the council.  

You can find more information about Housing Benefit, Discretionary Housing Payment, and Council Tax Support, along with online claim forms on our website.

We know the cost of living crisis is affecting residents across Westminster. The Westminster Council Local Hardship Fund aims to help residents who are not eligible for other help.  

The fund is currently open for applications from Westminster residents who do not receive any means-tested benefits and have a low income of up to £30,000, or £50,000 if there are children in the household.  

Several programmes operating in Westminster can help you with specific costs, such as buying food or paying for school uniforms. Local Support Payments are for low-income residents that have suffered a crisis or emergency (such as flooding) and come in the form of quality second-hand furniture and white goods or store vouchers. 

School uniforms are another frequent cost for struggling families. Westminster now has a School Uniform Support Scheme that provides eligible children in Reception and Year Six with payments towards new clothing items for their schools. 

We also support your children and young people through the school holidays with our Summer Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) – a series of exciting and inclusive events.

Published: 22 March 2023

Last updated: 25 October 2023