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Help with financial matters

Find out how you receive financial help.

Advice and support services

If you are worried about finances, there are a range of advice services that can help:  

The Westminster Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent charity providing free, confidential advice on debt and benefits, family, immigration and housing.

Phone number: 0808 2787 834  

Age UK offers free confidential advice and support to older people on a range of issues from debt to fraud and Pension credit. 

Phone number: 020 3004 5610  

Other local services  

Deaf Plus: Provide support on a number of issues including benefits, housing, debt and consumer issues. They can also help with understanding complex documents, form filling and legal procedures. Phone number: 020 7790 8478  

Z2K : Works with Londoners experiencing complex benefits or housing issues that are causing financial hardship and crisis 

Phone number: 0207 259 0801

Cardinal Hume: Provide help and support with income, housing, employment support, education, immigration and asylum issues 

Phone number: 020 7222 1602  

Paddington Law Centre: Provide free, specialist legal advice and representation, casework and advocacy in housing, welfare benefits and employment law. They also help people increase their income, address homelessness and improve their working conditions 

Phone number: 020 8960 3155  

The Abbey Centre: Provide employability support and information and advice on energy bills, housing and welfare benefits, including for people where English is not their first language. They also provide emotional support   

Phone number: 020 7222 0303 

Midaye: Provide a weekly advice and information service, through appointments, for the Somali Community on cost of living, housing and welfare benefits. They can also provide emotional support 

Phone number: 020 8969 7456

Kulan Somali: Provide weekly advice and support sessions for individuals and groups within BAME communities, including on employment-focused initiatives and economic development programmes. They also hold group activities and offer emotional support 

Phone number: 07737218591/07956882066  

Mewso: The Middle Eastern Women and Society organisation offer support to women from ethnic minority communities, mostly from Middle Eastern, North African and Asian backgrounds. They hold a weekly group which includes advice on cost-of-living matters, welfare benefits and housing. They can also offer emotional support 

Phone number: 07780 983 152 

Asylum Aid: Offer advice and representation on asylum and immigration issues, housing and employment to migrant and vulnerable communities  

Phone number: 020 7354 9631 

Published: 22 March 2023

Last updated: 9 November 2023