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Westminster environment guidance - Section B

Find information on carbon and pollution reduction, as well as urban greening.

Section B - sustainable transport

In Westminster, road transport accounts for approximately 60% of nitrogen dioxide emissions and particulate matter emissions.  Westminster benefits from a comprehensive and integrated public transport system with train, bus, tube and overground hubs. The city benefits from:

  • fast and direct access to four international airports and the Eurostar train service
  • four mainline railway termini at Charing Cross, Marylebone, Paddington and Victoria as well as being in close proximity to six other mainline train stations
  • thirty-one London underground stations which enable direct access to all but one of the capital’s 11 lines
  • London, national and international bus and coach routes and termini
  • River Bus services
  • about 170 London Cycle Hire docking stations; and
  • about 450 Legible London wayfinding signs

Westminster is also a walkable city with routes to our main attractions often being faster on foot or by bicycle than tube or bus.  Our policies support a modal shift to active travel - which simply put means encouraging people to walk or cycle and to move about under their own steam.

For more on walking and cycling in the city, please see:

Walking Strategy 2017 - 2027

Cycling Strategy 2014

Clean Air Route Finder

Published: 23 April 2021

Last updated: 23 April 2021