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Westminster environment guidance - Section B

Find information on carbon and pollution reduction, as well as urban greening.

Section B - Code of Construction Practice

Our Code of Construction Practice sets out the minimum standards and procedures for managing and minimising environmental impacts of construction projects in the city.  The Code divides developments into different tiers related to their environmental impact. The Code guides developers in drawing up their Site Environmental Management Plans (SEMP) or Construction Management Plans (CMP). The minimum requirements set out in the code and a proactive monitoring regime are often imposed as a condition on a planning application, but the Code is also a useful reference for all forms of construction projects, not just those that require planning permission. 

In any development that does not require planning permission, e.g. buildings undergoing major refurbishment, you should still consider the environmental impacts of the development and be sensitive to local needs.  Adopting the guidance in the Code of Construction Practice can contribute to improving the local environment. A copy of the Planning and Code of Construction Practice Process Map is provided within this guidance.

For more information, see:

Code of Construction Practice 2016

IAQM Guidance on the assessment of Dust from Demolition and Construction (2014)

GLA Control of dust emissions during construction and demolition (2014)

IAQM Guidance on Monitoring in the vicinity of demolition and construction sites (2018)

Published: 17 June 2021

Last updated: 17 June 2021