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Westminster environment guidance - Section B

Find information on carbon and pollution reduction, as well as urban greening.

Section B - home energy efficiency

For developments that do not require planning permission opportunities to incorporate energy efficiency during refurbishment and extension projects should be prioritised and adhere to the requirements of the Building Regulations, where relevant. There are several measures that should be considered including for example:

  • cavity wall insulation
  • loft insulation (150mm or more in non-converted roof spaces)
  • replacement of boilers rated F or lower to condensing A rated boilers
  • heating control upgrades; and
  • draft stripping, floor insulation and thermally efficient glazing

You can read advice on retrofit measures commonly proposed in Westminster and where planning permission many be required in our retrofit how to guides.

For more on home energy efficiency you can visit the Energy Savings Trust for a wealth of information on energy efficiency and home improvements.

Retrofitting historic buildings

With over 11,000 listed buildings and structures in Westminster, we recognise the importance of retrofitting the city’s historic building stock to both conserve our heritage and to incorporate measures to address sustainability issues for the future. We encourage retention and retrofitting historic buildings where a sensitive and tailored approach to design and specification is taken which will both optimise energy efficiency and ensure significance of heritage assets is conserved. Our adopted Environment SPD includes a chapter on retrofitting with advice on both small and large changes you can make to reduce the carbon footprint of historic buildings.

For further Guidance for refurbishment or refitting your home if it’s a heritage asset see our page on retrofitting historic buildings and visit the links below:

Sustainable Traditional building alliance Responsible  Retrofit Guidance Wheel

Sustainable Traditional Building Alliance Whole House Retrofit

Guidance on Sustainability, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Historic Buildings (Historic England)

Advice on Modifying Historic Windows as part of retrofitting

Published: 5 January 2023

Last updated: 4 January 2023