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Staff book recommendations

Book cover of Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

Touching the void by Joe Simpson

Reading and Literacy Librarian, Laurence Foe, gives us a insight into Joe Simpson's book, 'Touching the Void'.
Corey Fah does Social Mobility Isabel Waidner (Hamish Hamilton)

Corey Fah Does Social Mobility by Isabel Waidner

A radical, joyful novel from Goldsmiths Prize-winning author Isabel Waidner.
Mary Jean Chan's poem, 'Bright Fear'.

Bright Fear by Mary Jean Chan

Library Officer, Helen Bailey, gives us an insight into her thoughts of Mary Jean Chan's poem, 'Bright Fear'.
Between the woods and the water by Patrick Leigh Fermor

Between the woods and the water by Patrick Leigh Fermor

Reading and Literacy Librarian, Laurence Foe reviews 'Between the woods and the water' by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

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