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Find out how you can support your local library by volunteering or donating.

Support us

There are many ways you can get involved in your local library, from volunteering to donating. 

Our libraries and archives deliver life-changing services to our communities. By innovating our spaces and programming a diverse range of events, workshops and activities that serve our residents, we build meaningful community hubs for everyone. Our services are available to help over a million people working and living in Westminster to read, learn and connect with each other.

Library event

Volunteer for libraries and archives

Make a difference by sharing your skills, ideas and experience with the local community.

Support us libraries

Support us by making a one-off donation

Read our user feedback and find out how you can support us by donating.

Show your library some love

We love our libraries, and we know our residents do too. If you want to support the various services provided by our libraries, why not consider donating or volunteering some time? Your support will help us to offer even more from our well-loved libraries. 

By contributing to your local library, you can help maintain its status as a hub for the whole community – perhaps you could lead a creative workshop or use your language skills to deliver family events in other languages.

Alternatively, you may like to donate to the library to support events, workshops, and activities. 

Whether you make a financial donation or a commitment of your time, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

Why support the library?

Our libraries are a world of stories, offering support and friendly space to all those that need it. 

We have 16 diverse libraries, and a nationally accredited archive centre, which not only cares for Westminster’s 800+ years of documented history but inspires our youngest residents through a lively school education programme.

Our libraries are amazing places to get together, learn, access digital resources, and find out about wider services from across the council from our expert staff and volunteers.

Alongside the rich knowledge, information, and events that you can access for free, there is a wonderful community of people at the centre of our libraries that help to make our spaces unique and vibrant local hubs.

Read stories from our wonderful people about what the library means to them.

'I love libraries' films

Find out why some fellow library lovers show their support to Libraries and Archives by watching these short films.

Riaz Khan, author:

  • "It’s a place of peace. In those troubled times when I was growing up, it was a safe haven for me."

Jodie Richardson, songwriter, and DJ:

  • "One of my first ever trips to the library was with my nanny Sheila when we would stay around hers…one of my fondest memories of her."

Rory McGuire, charity ambassador:

  • "Books can be more enlightening than some of the stuff we read on social media nowadays."