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Neighbourhood food waste bins


We have started to provide a neighbourhood food waste recycling bin service to properties that are not suitable for either a kerbside or communal service since October 2022.

These neighbourhood food waste bins are in the following locations. Locations below are listed by ward alphabetically.

North Westminster

  • Aberdeen Place and Cunningham Place micro-recycling centre site, Abbey Road ward
  • Springfield Road micro-recycling centre site, Abbey Road ward
  • Broadley Street junction with Salisbury Street (opposite Whitefield House), Church Street
  • Rossmore Road and Lisson Grove (near Church Street), Church Street ward
  • Harrow Road (site opposite 329 Harrow Road) micro-recycling centre, Harrow Road ward
  • St Mary’s Square Terrace, Little Venice ward
  • Edgware Road- Frampton Street, adjacent to Parsons House, Little Venice ward
  • Warwick Avenue junction with Sutherland Avenue, Little Venice ward
  • Sutherland Avenue junction with Maida Vale, Maida Vale ward
  • Grantully Road, Maida Vale ward
  • Elgin Avenue junction with Maida Vale, Maida Vale ward
  • Elgin Avenue junction with Widley Road, Maida Vale ward
  • Essendine Road junction with Widley Road, W9 2LS, Maida Vale ward
  • Kilburn Park Road adjacent to the park (opposite to St Augustine’s CE High School), Maida Vale
  • Queen’s Park Library micro-recycling centre, Queen’s Park ward
  • Acacia Road, junction with Finchley Road, NW8 6AD, outside St.John’s Wood Station, Regent’s Park ward
  • Boston Place junction with Taunton Place micro-recycling centre, Regent’s Park ward
  • Cochrane Street Micro Recycling Centre, opposite Cicely House, NW8 7NP, Regents Park ward
  • Park Road/Alpha Close micro-recycling centre site, Regent's Park ward, Regent’s Park ward
  • Park Road (site located outside Francis Holland School), micro-recycling centre, Regent’s Park ward
  • Townshend Road micro-recycling centre, Regent’s Park ward
  • Wellington Place, off Wellington Road, NW8 7PB (by St John's Wood Church Grounds Playground), Regent’s Park ward
  • Delamere Terrace at Lords Hill Road, Westbourne ward
  • Delamere Terrace, junction with Blomfield  Villas, Westbourne ward
  • Great Western Road junction with Tavistock Road, Westbourne ward
  • Harrow Road opposite Sutherland Avenue, Westbourne ward

Central Westminster

  • Leinster Square  micro-recycling centre site, Bayswater ward
  • Moscow Road, outside UKPN sub-station, Bayswater ward
  • Palace Court micro-recycling centre site, Bayswater ward
  • Porchester Road (Waitrose) MRC, W2 6ES, Bayswater ward
  • Talbot Road junction with Shrewsbury Road, Bayswater ward
  • Bouverie Place micro-recycling centre site, Hyde Park ward
  • Chilworth Street  micro-recycling centre site, Lancaster Gate ward
  • Cleveland Gardens, opposite 26 Cleveland Square, Lancaster Gate ward
  • Cleveland Terrace junction with Gloucester Terrace, Lancaster Gate ward
  • Craven Hill Gardens junction with Craven Hill, site located opposite 1 Cavern Hill Gardens, Lancaster Gate ward
  • Inverness Terrace in front of Hallfield Estate, Lancaster Gate ward
  • Lancaster Gate micro-recycling centre site (in front of Spire House), Lancaster Gate ward
  • Ebury Square- in front of Belgravia Police Station, Knightsbridge and Belgravia ward
  • Luxborough Street junction with Marylebone Road, Marylebone ward
  • Marylebone High Street (next to The St Marylebone CE School/Cavendish Health Centre) micro-recycling centre, Marylebone ward
  • Marylebone Road opposite Council House/outside Old Town Hall, Marylebone ward
  • Moxon Street junction with Aybrook Street, Marylebone ward
  • Paddington Street, opposite Paddington Street Gardens/Chiltern Place, micro-recycling centre, Marylebone ward
  • Weymouth Street junction with Great Portland Street (157 Weymouth Street) micro-recycling centre, West End
  • Wigmore Street junction with Welbeck Street, West End ward

South Westminster

  • Denbigh Street junction with Lupus Street, Pimlico North ward
  • Tachbrook Street opposite Pimlico Tube Station, Pimlico North ward
  • Alderney Street junction with Sussex Street, Pimlico North ward
  • Belgrave Road junction with Denbigh Street, Pimlico North ward
  • Eccleston Square- opposite number 38, Pimlico North ward
  • Eccleston Square- opposite number 30, Pimlico North ward
  • Gillingham Street micro-recycling centre, Pimlico North ward
  • Warwick Square opposite 22 Warwick Square, Pimlico North ward
  • Gloucester Street junction with Sutherland Street, Pimlico South ward
  • Sutherland Row junction with Sutherland Street, Pimlico South ward
  • St George’s Square, in front of 47-51 George's Square, Pimlico South ward
  • St George's Square, in front of 72-74 St George’s Square, Pimlico South ward
  • Winchester Street junction with Cumberland Street, Pimlico South ward
  • Hide Place junction with Esterbrooke Street, Vincent Square ward
  • Horseferry Road micro-recycling centre, outside St John’s Gardens, Vincent Square ward
  • Erasmus Street micro-recycling centre, Vincent Square ward

View a map of the bin locations

Sign up for the neighbourhood food waste service

Residents can sign up for this service if they live in a property that is not suitable for a kerbside or communal food waste recycling bin. Simply click on the link below and complete the sign up form.

The Recycling Team will then contact you to provide further information and will arrange for your silver kitchen bin and a roll of liners to be delivered.

Sign up for this service

For further information about signing up to our neighbourhood food waste recycling service, please read this leaflet:

Food waste opt in leaflet PDF, 351.85 KB, 2 pages

Using your food waste containers

We will provide you with:

  • one roll of food waste liners
  • one silver kitchen bin
  • an instructional leaflet explaining how to use the service

How to use the bins

  1. Line your kitchen bin with a food waste liner, for example, and then put your food in it.
  2. Take your filled food waste liners (that are securely tied) to your nearest neighbourhood food waste bin.
  3. If you experience any issues with the neighbourhood food waste bins, either email the Recycling Team at [email protected], use Report It or call the Contact Centre on 020 7641 2000.

If your kitchen food waste recycling bin breaks, please request a new one.