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Kerbside collections

Using your food waste containers

We will provide you with:

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for photos of the containers.

These will be delivered to your property before your food waste recycling collection starts. Please note we have two separate container delivery teams working, so you will likely receive your containers in two separate deliveries.

Our engagement teams will also visit your property and speak to you about how to use the new service.

If you live in a house converted into flats, one outdoor bin will be provided per 3 flats. Another outdoor food waste bin can be provided upon request by contacting the Recycling Team by emailing [email protected] or our Contact Centre on 020 7641 2000.

How to use the bins

  1. Line your kitchen bin with a food waste liner, for example, and then put your food in it.
  2. Put your filled food waste liners (that are securely tied) inside your outdoor food waste recycling bin and lock the bin, ready for collection. Do not leave your liners outside the bins for collection.
  3. Make sure our collection crews can easily see your outdoor food recycling bin on your collection day.

If your black food waste bin was not emptied on your collection day by our crews, you can report the missed collection online.

If your silver kitchen food waste recycling bin or black outdoor food waste recycling bin is stolen or is damaged, please order a new one online.

If you require an assisted collection due to mobility issues, please email the Recycling Team on [email protected] or call our Contact Centre on 020 7641 2000.

Changes to your collections

When we introduced our kerbside food waste recycling collections to suitable properties in Abbey Road, Regent’s Park, Harrow Road, Church Street, Maida Vale and Westbourne (north of Westway only) in 2022 we made some changes to rubbish and mixed recycling collections as well.

For some properties in these wards if you previously received one mixed recycling collection and two rubbish collections per week, during 2022 your collections may have changed. These properties started to receive the following services on the same collection day, although there might have been some variations for certain properties:

  • one weekly food waste recycling collection
  • one weekly mixed recycling collection
  • one weekly rubbish collection

We understand that this might be challenging for some residents. Please complete this online form to register for a second weekly rubbish collection. We are encouraging residents to use the new service before registering for their second weekly rubbish collection.

Please see our collections page for further information.

Queen’s Park ward households

Following a high number of residents submitting their requests for a second rubbish collection, we reintroduced a second weekly rubbish collection for all properties in Queen’s Park ward in September 2022.

Your second rubbish collection day will be the same as it was previously. 

For example, Ilbert Street now receives the following collections per week:

  • Food waste recycling, every Wednesday
  • Mixed recycling, every Wednesday
  • Rubbish, every Wednesday and every Saturday

Our crews will collect your rubbish from your property boundary or doorstep on the second rubbish collection day. Do not place rubbish bags out on the pavement.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Recycling Team on: [email protected] or call our Contact Centre on 020 7641 2000.

For further information about to use our food waste recycling service, please read the leaflet: