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Housing estate collections

Most estates in Westminster have access to a communal food waste service. We provide you with the containers below and you take your tied bags of food waste to the communal bin on your estate.

Some estates do not have space for communal bins, therefore those residents can use either the neighbourhood food waste service or on-demand service. If you are unsure as to what service you have access to, please search your address here or email the Recycling Team at [email protected]

Using your food waste containers

We will provide you with the following:

These will be delivered to your property before your food waste recycling collections start in your block. 

We provide suitable estates with communal food waste recycling bins for residents to use.

How to use the bins

  1. Line your kitchen bin with a food waste liner, and then put your food in it.
  2. Whenever you need to empty your kitchen bin, tie the top of the liner and remove it from your kitchen bin.
  3. Take your food waste in a liner to your estate's nearest communal food waste. Lift the lid and put the liner filled with food waste inside the bin.

Please use the map below to help you find the nearest communal food waste bin on your estate.

Find your nearest communal food waste recycling bin

If you need a new food waste kitchen bin or to report that your communal food waste bin collection has been missed, please use our online forms.

Please contact the Recycling Team at [email protected] or our Contact Centre at 020 7641 2000 if you have any queries

For further information about how to use our food waste recycling service, please download our estates leaflet:

Food waste leaflet PDF, 600.69 KB, 4 pages