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Changes to our postal and delivery addresses

We have made some changes to our deliveries into City Hall. 

Following the Parliamentary estates move into City Hall, we will be rolling out new enhanced security measures associated with the Houses of Parliament.

The new security measures will be fully in place by the end of July and will also mean some changes to deliveries coming into City Hall.

This only affects City Hall. No other buildings are affected. You may want to consider direct delivery to other locations if possible.

The changes depend on the delivery service used, and may involve sending your delivery to an off site consolidation centre (OSCC).

Please see our supplier guide for more information.

Royal Mail

For items coming to us via Royal Mail, please continue to use the City Hall address you've always used. There is no change.

Westminster City Hall
64 Victoria Street 

Standard Courier

If you are using a standard courier (including Amazon, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc, or even a local courier), all you need to do when placing your order is use the address below for your delivery. Do not use City Hall as the address. The courier should go to the OSCC instead of City Hall.

Use the following address:

Drop 77
CEVA Logistics
40-48 Chase Road
NW10 6PX

All items will be security screened and delivered to City Hall by OSCC vehicles.

Direct Delivery

If you are taking direct delivery of stationery, campaign materials, supplies or anything else directly from a distributor (that is, not via a courier service like UPS or DHL), you must provide the shipper with the form below. The shipper will go to the OSCC instead of coming directly to City Hall, where the same security screening will be undertaken.

Deliver to the following address:

Drop 77
CEVA Logistics
40-48 Chase Road
NW10 6PX

As for the standard courier above, the OSCC will deliver the materials to City Hall from there. The Shipper will not have to do anything after delivering to the OSCC, they have completed their obligation, the OSCC takes over from there.

It's vital to understand that once the system is in place, any shipment arriving at City Hall directly will be turned away. You will need to re-instruct the shipper and you may need to pay them to re-deliver too.

This includes:

  • food deliveries for catered events
  • bulk items for committees, hearings, etc.
  • event materials such as displays, banners, models, furniture

If you are moving materials such as IT equipment, items from records management or other internal units, the same process as direct delivery applies.

Published: 28 July 2021

Last updated: 16 July 2024