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About the council

Learn about local democracy, council transparency, emergency planning and procurement.


Find out about voting, previous election results and the electoral register.


How to do business with the council, and how we ensure value for taxpayers.


More information about how we spend public money, including our annual accounts, executive pay, and our workforce reports.

Westminster Together

More about the events, how to take part and information about past editions.

Insurance claims

Please browse through the steps in this guide to find out more about making accident and insurance claims against the council.


How to make a complaint about a service you have received from the council within the last 12 months.


Share compliments with us when a member of staff or service have done a great job.

Contact us

Find information about our services right here on our website or find out how to get in touch.

Youth Council

See how you can have your say and meet your Youth MPs.


Anyone who lives, works or studies in the City of Westminster can organise and sign a petition. This includes the under 18s.

Corporate complaints policy

Information on our corporate complaints policy and procedure.

Chief Executive and the Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team are responsible for the overall management of the council.

City of Westminster Pension Fund

Information about the Local Government Pension Scheme for all eligible employees of the council.

Resident Research Panel

Find out how you can join our research panel and help improve our services.

Open Forum

Open Forum meetings were held in the community to discuss issues about life in Westminster.

Consultations hub

Find more information about current and upcoming consultations across planning, licensing and more.

Anti-racist organisation

At Westminster City Council, we have adopted the London Councils’ anti-racist statement.