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What you throw away

Find out ways to reduce your carbon emissions by making some small changes to what you throw away.

Recycling at home

Westminster has a lower recycling rate compared to other councils. You can do your bit for the climate by making sure you recycle everything you can. You can also do your bit by making sure you only put the right things in your recycling bag. The main items that can go in your recycling bag are:

  • paper and cardboard, please flatten cardboard boxes
  • plastic bottles, tubs, cartons and food containers, including lids and caps, please rinse containers out quickly first
  • glass bottles and jars
  • empty aerosol cans and rinsed aluminium foil
  • food and drink cans

The following items should always go in your black bag (currently non-recyclable):

  • plastic film and clingfilm
  • crisp packets and wrappers
  • other soft plastic, for example the inner bag for cereals
  • takeaway coffee cups or pods, please remember to use your own coffee mug
  • wet wipes, tissues and paper towels
  • polystyrene packing or bubble wrap

Check our recycling pages for more details about the services on offer for residents in Westminster.

Published: 23 June 2022

Last updated: 18 March 2024