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Tackling climate change in Westminster

Tackling climate change in Westminster

Human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and irreversible ways, bringing increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding that affect people across the globe, as well as right here in Westminster.

Westminster has some of the highest carbon emissions and worst air pollution in the UK. Tackling this challenge now is vital avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, and protect the health, wellbeing and livelihood of everyone in our communities.

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Our work

We are committed to becoming a carbon neutral council by 2030 and a carbon neutral City by 2040. To achieve these targets, we are embedding sustainability throughout everything we do - from our services, to supply chain, road networks and planning policies.   

We are also working with partners and communities to help facilitate climate action across our city

Find out about our new Climate Emergency Action Plan for Westminster.

Join the campaign

Governments, councils, businesses and other organisations have a huge responsibility for tackling the climate crisis. But we can all play a role in creating change.

The average person in the UK produces over 5 tonnes of CO2 per year alone, through day-to-day activities, like heating our homes, driving to work, or buying new products. Changes like ditching your car, cutting energy use, or reusing products may seem small, but can have a big impact if we all make them together.

Our partners at Count Us In have identified the most effective steps people can take to reduce carbon pollution. Join others in Westminster and across the world in taking a step today.   

Join the campaign and pledge to make a change

Westminster’s Climate Community

Many of our residents and businesses have taken up the climate challenge and are making a real difference. Watch their stories below:


The environment we live in can make it hard to tackle climate change. We’ve brought together resources from the Council and others that make it easier to reduce your carbon footprint.

Two people fixing a broken bike

Thinking about ditching your car, or using it less? Here’s some resources that might help

Walk and cycle more

Go electric

  • If you do need to drive, why not consider switching to an electric vehicle? Westminster has more on-street electric vehicle chargers than any other borough in the U.K. Find out more
  • Choose an electric or hybrid taxi, or join the Westminster car club for 24/7 access to a car when you really need it
Solar panels and blue sky

Insulate your home

Get greener energy 

  • Register with Solar Together, for free, no obligation solar panel recommendations for your home, and access to highly competitive prices
  • Check out your options for green energy at Big Clean Switch, the U.K.’s leading green energy comparison site

Reuse and recycle

Cut food waste

  • Help cut food waste by making use of our food waste recycling service – due to be rolled out across Westminster in February 2022.
  • Check the Love Food, Hate Waste website, for more hints and tips to plan your meals, make your food last longer and use what you buy.
  • Use apps like Olio and TooGoodToGo to get perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste.
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