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How you travel

Find out ways to reduce your carbon emissions by making some small changes to how you travel.

Car travel, car clubs and electric vehicles

Car clubs

Car clubs are a great alternative to owning your own car. Under this scheme you can hire a vehicle and park it in one of many on-street locations across London. You can also hire a vehicle from a fixed location and return it to the same place later.

The car club schemes in Westminster are operated by Zipcar.

We are working with Zipcar to transition their whole fleet to electric vehicles as soon as possible, and no later than 2030.

Owning an electric vehicle

More and more Westminster residents are swapping their old car for an electric model. Westminster has well over 1,000 charging points across the city, with almost every resident living within a 3-minute walk of a charging point. See where all the charging points are located.

Find out more about how to use these charge points.

If you don’t have a charging point near you, you can request one.

There are lots of reasons to switch to electric in Westminster, besides tackling climate change. You’ll get:

  • discounted on-street parking, where you pay for only the first 10 minutes
  • free parking whilst using EV charging points
  • a free resident parking permit for on-street parking
  • no ULEZ or Congestion charge
  • EV vehicles emit less noise on the street which contributes to less stressed neighbourhoods 

Visit Energy Saving Trust for details about how you could save money by switching to an electric car.

Published: 23 June 2022

Last updated: 23 June 2022