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How you travel

Find out ways to reduce your carbon emissions by making some small changes to how you travel.

The travel hierarchy

Sustainable ways to travel around Westminster

Across the UK, transport is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions. In Westminster, about 11% of emissions come from transport, and air pollution and congestion are a big issue.

You can make a big difference by choosing to walk or cycle rather than driving. You can also make a difference by buying things locally or considering where they come from if you are ordering online.

Many people are already choosing to travel sustainably. Across Westminster, about 72% of residents do not own a car, and this percentage is going up every year.

A travel hierarchy is a helpful way of thinking about how best to travel, with the higher ranked modes of transport being the most climate-friendly. You may not always be able to walk and cycle, but you may be able to consider other options in the hierarchy before using a petrol car:

  1. Walking and cycling
  2. Electric bikes and rental scooters
  3. Tube, buses, trains or taxis
  4. Car clubs
  5. Electric car ownership
  6. Other car ownership

Published: 23 June 2022

Last updated: 23 June 2022