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Apply for a pavement licence

Apply for a licence to place removable furniture over certain highways next to premises, for the sale of food and drink.

Published on: 19 January 2021

Last updated: 22 July 2021

Conditions and requirements

A pavement licence is subject to two national conditions, relating to non-obstruction and the provision of non-smoking seating.

Pavement licence conditions PDF, 77.15 KB, 3 pages


Pavement licence applications must:

  • specify the premises and where on the highway you intend to place the tables and chairs and other furniture
  • specify that the purpose of the tables and chairs and other furniture will be to sell or consume food or drink (in connection with the relevant use of the premises)
  • specify the days of the week and the hours of each day that you intend to use the highway (pavement licences will only be granted for use between 11am and 11pm) - days and times applied for must coincide with the times of the highway closure
  • describe the type and amount of all furniture that you intend to use
  • specify the date on which the application is made
  • include a certificate of public liability insurance for no less that £2,000,000 that covers the area that you intend to licence
  • include a COVID-19 risk assessment to demonstrate that the premises is COVID-19 secure before the premises reopens (see GOV.UK - reopening your business safely for a risk assessment template)
  • include a risk assessment for the use of space-heaters (if applicable)
  • include photographic evidence to show you have displayed public notice of the application
  • include a clear and legible highway plan, ensuring that the smoking and non-smoking sections are clearly labelled

Please note that umbrellas, gazebos, space heaters or similar furniture may not be permitted in the area designated for the pavement licence depending on the space available and whether it is safe to place such furniture on the street.

Highway Plan

Please make sure your plan meets these requirements:

  • all applicants must ensure that there is a minimum of 2 metres pedestrian clearway along the length of the proposed site
  • if the proposed location is set at a kerb edge, then a minimum 0.45m set back is required
  • footway depth must be a minimum of 2.8m, which leaves a minimum 2m pedestrian clearway and 0.8m for table and chairs and other furniture
  • if table service is required to the tables and chairs then extra space is required, this must be factored into the capacity requested - a space of 0.9m is necessary if an access clearway is required for service staff and diners
  • smoking and non-smoking areas must be clearly defined
  • no tables or barrels that encourage eating or drinking while standing
  • all immediate items of existing street furniture must be shown on the plan
  • drawing must be scaled
  • a location map must be included

Read our guide to placing of tables and chairs on the highway for layouts and density requirements.