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Apply for a busking and street entertainment licence

Apply for a licence to perform in regulated areas.

Published on: 1 April 2021

Last updated: 1 November 2021

Compliance, enforcement and complaints

We keep records of engagement and complaints, and in line with our Corporate Enforcement Policy, in most cases we will take a stepped approach to enforcement. This means we will in the first instance help buskers and street entertainers to be aware of and understand the Busking and Street Entertainment Policy across our City which may include receiving a warning notice. Should the busker or street entertainer continue to act unreasonably or breach the licensing conditions, our officers will take appropriate enforcement action.

The enforcement action taken will vary depending on whether the busker or street entertainer is in a non-regulated or regulated area.

View areas where regulation applies and designated busking pitches within Westminster

Report a problem

You can report a problem with a busker or street entertainer such as noise, obstruction, unlicensed street trading and indecent or offensive behaviour.


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