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Housing policy and strategy

Read about our housing strategy, tenancy strategy and homelessness strategy.

Published on: 6 January 2021

Last updated: 16 November 2021

Allocations scheme

We publish our policies for assessing housing priority and allocating social housing in our Housing Allocation Scheme.


Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with government guidance a different approach to letting social housing was taken between May 2020 and 24 August 2020. Read the full details of how people were allocated homes during this period in our Interim Allocation of Housing Statement.

This statement was updated on 20 July 2020. A previously updated version of the housing statement was shared on 13 July 2020.

The original version of the housing statement came into effect on 18 May 2020.

From 5 October 2020, for a temporary period until March 2022, employment points will no longer be removed from applicants if they lose their jobs or have their hours reduced due to Covid-19. You can read more about this in the updated employment amendment to the housing allocation scheme. This approach will be reviewed in March 2022

The temporary amendment was initially for 6 months until April 2021, but extended until September 2021 following a review and then again until March 2022. Details of the amendment can be found below:

Details of the amendment updated in April 2021: 

Visit Westminster Employment Service web pages for more information on how we can provide support into employment, training or volunteering.

Supply and allocation reports

This annual report reviews the supply and demand for social rented housing and low-cost home ownership for the last financial year and forthcoming  year. It also makes proposals for policy developments.





Location of temporary accommodation 

The GIS map below shows the location of all Westminster City Council’s temporary accommodation in March 2015. 

TA GIS map March 2015 PDF, 3.99 MB, 1 page

Cabinet Member for housing

The Cabinet Member for Housing is Councillor David Harvey.

Implementation of housing policy

The Housing Solutions Service is provided by Places for People. 

Housing allocation documents

Social housing supply and allocation

Housing allocation scheme