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Find out more about the Leader of Westminster City Council and the other councillors who are part of the Cabinet.

Leader of the Council: Councillor Adam Hug

Leader Elect of Westminster City Council

Councillor Adam Hug has been a councillor for Westbourne ward since 2010. He has been Leader of the Labour Group since 2015 having previously served as Deputy Leader and Shadow Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Protection.

Portfolios include: Corporate Strategy; Governance; Communications; Policy; Strategic Partnerships and People Services; strategic partnerships (LGA, GLA, London Councils).

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities, Children and Public Protection: Councillor Aicha Less

Councillor Aicha Less smiling to the camera

Councillor Aicha Less has represented Church Street as a ward councillor since 2016. Councillor Less has lived, attended schools and worked in Westminster her entire life and is mother to two daughters.

Before becoming Westminster City Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Protection in May 2022, she was the Shadow Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Licensing, and Children and Young people. She is also a governor at the Portman Centre for Families and Children.

Portfolios include: Public Protection; Licensing; Regulatory Services; Police liaison; City Inspectors; Community support and faith relations including Westminster Connects; Community Hubs; Children’s Services and Safeguarding; Education and Learning; Refugees, asylum seekers and City of Sanctuary.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Voluntary Sector: Councillor Nafsika Butler-Thalassis

A headshot of Councillor Nafsika Butler-Thalassis smiling at the camera

Councillor Nafsika Butler-Thalassis was first elected as a councillor for Maida Vale ward in 2018 where she has lived for 23 years. Councillor Butler-Thalassis has two young children and is a CEO of a local health charity.

Before becoming Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Voluntary Sector, Councillor Butler-Thalassis Nafsika was the Shadow Cabinet Member for Family Services and Public Health.

Portfolios include: Adult Social Care safeguarding and support for vulnerable adults; Public Health Services; Adult Social Care commissioning; Adult Social Care provided services and Health Partnerships; Food Poverty Strategy; Voluntary and Community Sector.

Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development: Councillor Geoff Barraclough

A headshot of Councillor Geoff Barraclough smiling at the camera

Councillor Geoff Barraclough was first elected as a councillor for Maida Vale Ward in 2018, where he has lived for over 20 years. He works for an international technology company.

Before becoming a cabinet member, he was the Labour spokesperson on planning and business.

Portfolios include: Business Support and Economic Development; Employment; Town Planning; Planning Policy; Place-Shaping including Oxford Street; North Paddington programme; Smart City and Digital Connectivity; Broadband; Planning Functions, Building Control and street naming; Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106; Westminster Adult Education Service and Skills

Cabinet Member for Finance and Council Reform: Councillor David Boothroyd

A headshot of Councillor David Boothroyd looking at the camera

Councillor David Boothroyd has been ward councillor for Westbourne since 2002. From Yorkshire, he grew up in Cheshire and after graduating from Cambridge University has worked as a researcher for Members of Parliament and in the private sector, writing a book on the history of British political parties which was published in 2000.

His current job involves community consultation and supporting renewable energy projects. Councillor Boothroyd was Labour spokesperson on finance before becoming cabinet member.

Portfolios include: Finance; Corporate Property; Capital Programme; Procurement; Legal; Information Technology; Census.

Cabinet Member for Resident Participation, Consultation Reform and Leisure: Councillor Cara Sanquest

A headshot of Councillor Cara Sanquest

Councillor Cara Sanquest was elected in Queens Park Ward in 2022. Before being appointed to the Cabinet, Cara was a Deputy Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Consultation Reform.

Cara works for a charity and has previously worked in Parliament and for a range of social justice organisations.

Portfolio includes: Customer Services; Digital Services; Resident Groups and Local Forums; Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion; Ward Budgets; Community Engagement; and Leisure.

Cllr Sanquest is currently on maternity leave. The following Cabinet Members are currently responsible for the functions overseen by Cllr Sanquest:

  • Customer services and digital: Cllr David Boothroyd
  • Community engagement and neighbourhoods and equality, equity, diversity and inclusion: Cllr Aicha Less
  • Community investment, Cllr Nafsika Butler-Thalassis
  • Leisure: Cllr Ryan Jude

Cabinet Member for City Management and Air Quality: Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

A headshot of Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg smiling to the camera

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg has been a Westminster councillor for over thirty years. He was first elected to represent the Harrow Road ward from 1982 to 1990, before his election in 1997 for Queens Park where he served for nearly 25 years.

He was Leader of the Opposition from 1987 to 1990 and from 2004 to 2015. Following the most recent elections in May 2022, he now represents Hyde Park ward.

Portfolios include: Public Realm; Air Quality and Flooding; Waste and Street Cleansing (collection and enforcement); Recycling; Highways and Transport; Parking and Mortuaries; Parliament Square, Communications Unit, and the Mayoralty.

Cabinet Member for Housing Services: Councillor Liza Begum

A headshot of Cllr Liza Begum

Councillor Liza Begum was born and raised in Pimlico and was first elected as a ward councillor in 2021. Following the elections in May 2022, Councillor Begum represents the new ward of Pimlico South. Prior to becoming the Cabinet Member for Housing Services, she was the Shadow Cabinet Member for Housing. 

Portfolios include: Housing Services including allocations; HRA; Temporary Accommodation and Rough Sleeping (both housing and street-based services); relations with housing associations.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Renters: Councillor Matt Noble

A headshot of Councillor Matt Noble smiling at the camera

Councillor Matt Noble has represented the Church Street ward since 2018. He previously held the position of Shadow Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Property and now works for a software company, having previously been involved in the property industry outside of his role as councillor and cabinet member.

Portfolios include: House building along with Estate Regeneration; Short-term lets; and Private Rented Sector strategy and regulation.


Cabinet Member for Climate, Ecology and Culture: Cllr Ryan Jude


A headshot of councillor Ryan Jude, he's looking at the camera and smiling

Councillor Ryan Jude has represented Lancaster Gate ward since 2022. Ryan grew up in the North West, and originally moved to London to study at Imperial College London. He now leads a team at an environmental non-profit, advising the UK Government on green finance policy and working closely with businesses, councils and third sector organisations, following previous roles in finance focused on renewable energy and infrastructure.

Ryan was previously Deputy Cabinet Member for Climate Action and Biodiversity, since May 2022, and co-authored the Labour Group’s green manifesto ahead of the local elections. He is also on the Board of a charity supporting vulnerable people in the North West.

Portfolios include: Climate and ecological Action; Libraries and Registrars; Culture and Tourism; Parks and Open Spaces.

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Published: 25 January 2021

Last updated: 18 January 2024