Street trading at special events

Westminster approve a number of special events each year where street trading takes place.

All trading must be managed by the event organiser and all street trading covered by a temporary licence.

1. How to apply

You must first get initial approval for a special event from the special events team.

Once you have approval, if your event includes street trading, the event organiser must apply for a temporary street trading licence.

You must apply at least 28 days before your event.

If your event includes the sale or supply of alcohol, you must apply for a temporary event notice.

2. What happens next

Your application will be reviewed by a senior licensing officer. Environmental health will be consulted on food stalls involved in the event.

You may be contacted by an officer if additional information is required.

3. Notting Hill Carnival

Trading at Notting Hill Carnival is managed by Westminster City Council. 

Currently we invite existing traders to apply for a temporary licence; all our available pitches are occupied for this year’s carnival.

4. Fees

Events (including Chinese Festival)

Licence type Cost per day
A standard pitch £120
A food pitch £200

The following waivers will apply to the above fees:

  1. Where one application for a temporary street trading licence is made by an association to cover all temporary street trading activities at a single event a discount of 50% will be given on the total amount of the fee payable.
  2. For charitable events, a waiver of fees will be given to an applicant on receipt in writing of a statement that all profits from the street trading activities will go to a named registered charitable organisation.
  3. Where an application is made for a temporary umbrella licence to cover all stalls at an event, a nominal fee of £100.00 will be charged if, in the opinion of the Council, the event is community based and non-profit making.

Notting Hill Carnival

Licence type Cost per day
A standard pitch £300
A food pitch £375
Trailers or ice cream vans £565


The 'Events' and 'Notting Hill Carnival' fees are currently under review, so in the future this fee structure will be amended.

Last updated: 2 November 2016
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