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Paddington Public Realm Strategy


The Paddington Public Realm Strategy sets out our masterplan for the area on either side of the Westway, between Royal Oak station and Edgware Road Stations, including Paddington Basin, Warwick Avenue, Bishop’s Bridge, the Canal and Paddington Green.

The document outlines our aims to transform Paddington’s fragmented neighbourhoods into vibrant, healthy, and inclusive areas by rebalancing the environment and providing safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

How the document will be used

Working with our partners, this document sets out a series of design opportunities to bring together shared ambitions for the area identified through public engagement in 2020.

The Paddington Public Realm Strategy is not a statutory document and proposals are at the concept stage. The proposals are subject to change as the project progresses with detailed design processes and further public engagement.

Paddington Public Realm Strategy PDF, 44.87 MB, 64 pages

Strategy area

From Warwick Avenue Station to Bayswater Road, stretching across Westbourne Terrace to Edgware Road Station, the Paddington Place Plan spans across all corners of Paddington. This includes some of the Westway from Harrow Road to Edgware Road. 

Map showing the Paddington Plan strategy area.


Public engagement occurred between October and December 2020 under the previous name, ‘Paddington Places’. Residents and other local stakeholders were asked to comment on the area's strengths, opportunities and challenges. These contributions have been fed into the proposals set out in the strategy, such as opportunities to improve safety and spaces along the canal.

Download the summary


There will be the opportunity to further engage on individual proposals across the area. Please sign up for the newsletter for updates on timescales.


We have been working closely with the local community to reflect Paddington's vibrancy and varied character and involve them in any changes to the area. We need to maintain this close working relationship with residents and businesses as we work to progress projects across the area.

Alongside working with residents and local businesses, we are working with a range of stakeholders and partners.

These include:

The partnership has been exploring opportunities for Bishops Bridge. You can take a look at their work on the This is Paddington website