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Market and isolated pitch vacancies

Please read on to find out what vacancies are available and how to apply to be a trader.

Rupert Street W1

We are not accepting temporary licence applications at present due to impending Highways works on Rupert Street.  

We would also encourage you to consider trading on a casual licence (non-food only).

Market Layout

Please see the plan showing the approximate location of the pitches on this market. This plan is not to scale.

Rupert Street Market Layout PDF, 418.86 KB, 1 page

Rupert Street market is a great market to trade at as a casual trader - find out how to become a casual trader.

Pitch Vacancies


Additional Information

There is no electricity provision at this market. Applicants will need to make their own arrangements for water and parking. Storage is available through Westminster. Please contact [email protected] for further information and pricing.

The pitch sizes are 3m x 3m. Applicants are required to provide their own receptacle that will contain all goods, equipment, etc., within its footprint pitch. The applicant will be required to demonstrate that the receptacle is fire retardant and complies with British Standard BS:7837. Adequate fire safety equipment will also be required.

Published: 16 January 2021

Last updated: 16 April 2024