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Temporary accommodation

Find out how we can help those in need of emergency or temporary accommodation.

Published on: 30 December 2020

Last updated: 30 December 2020

Moving into long-term accommodation

When does my new tenancy begin?

Your new tenancy will normally start the Monday after your sign up. The date of your new tenancy will also be shown in your tenancy agreement.

When do I have to leave my temporary accommodation?

You will have to move out of your temporary accommodation the date your tenancy starts in your new home.

If you delay moving out you will be charged rent on 2 homes.

When do I have to return the keys and to whom?

To the provider who manages your temporary accommodation on the date you move out.

If I fail to return the keys what will happen?

Your tenancy will continue to run on your temporary accommodation and you will be liable for the rent.

When do I start paying rent on my new tenancy?

You are required to start paying your rent from the date your tenancy begins,

What happens if I leave goods behind in my temporary accommodation?

We normally store them for up to 28 days.  We will then send a letter requesting that you collect your items before disposing of them.,

If there are legitimate reasons why you are unable to collect your belongings and you have contacted the Housing Solutions Service in advance, we will consider giving you more time. 

We do expect all clients to ensure that they take personal responsibility for their belongings and ensure that they are removed from the property when they leave. 

How do I get my belongings from storage?

Please contact the Housing Solutions Service Call Centre on 0207 641 1000 to arrange for your items to be delivered from storage to you new home.