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Information for Leaseholders regarding heating and hot water, pest infestation, buildings insurance and subletting your home.

Published on: 8 January 2021

Last updated: 8 January 2021

Heating and hot water

If your property is connected to a communal or district heating system, we will include the cost of heating and hot water in your service charges.

Heating and hot water charges are pooled across properties supplied by the communal system and residents are charged a proportion based on the number of habitable rooms in their property.

If the cost of heating and hot water is not on your service charge bill, you need to ensure you make payments directly to your utility company.

Individual and block meters

We started to install heating and hot water meters to our properties and estates after the government brought in new rules for communal heating suppliers in December 2014. 

The new regulations aim to promote energy efficiency by ensuring providers give their customers more detail about how much energy they are using. 

Where possible, individual meters have been installed in properties to measure exactly how much heating and hot water is used by an individual flat. Where it is currently not feasible or cost effective to install an individual meter, we have ensured a block meter is in place which measures how much heating and hot water is used by the block. 

We are continuing to install more individual meters where possible as part of planned major works upgrades.

Heating and hot water statements

Since April 2017, we have been rolling out a new system wherein residents start to receive heating and hot water statements. If your block is part of the next phase of this project, you will receive an introductory letter ahead of your first statement to explain the upcoming changes and what to expect. We expand the system to include new properties each April. 

The statements provide more accurate detail about how much heating and hot water your flat or block is using compared to your estimated charge. With this new system, the heating and hot water part of your service charge could go up or down in future depending on how much energy you use. In properties where it is only possible to measure heating and hot water usage at block level, there is greater financial benefit to residents when more people in the block lower their energy use. 

To date, we have rolled out heating and hot water statements to 54 blocks with communal or district heating, and Cyclo-Control electricity statements to 8 blocks. In the latest phase from April 2020, 197 residents in the Church Street and Hall Park estates have started to receive statements.

For help and advice on ways to reduce your heating and hot water usage, please take a look at our general energy saving advice guide in the Related documents list on the right hand side of this page. This list also contains user guides for each type of individually metered system: one for Cyclo-Control electric heating and one for Heat Interface Units (HIUs).


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