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Insurance claims

Please browse through the steps in this guide to find out more about making accident and insurance claims against the council.

Making a claim against the council

If you are a third party solicitor and wish to submit a new Employer's Liability (EL), Public Liability (PL) or Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claim before 1 June 2021 against the council through the claims portal, the council's portal code is: G01066.

If you have been in a road traffic accident

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident on or after the 1 June 2021 with a vehicle owned by the City of Westminster, have been injured and wish to make a claim you should direct your claim to the Official Injury Claims Portal.

Government legislation states that all eligible claims should be submitted through this internet portal site which has been designed and tested to ensure it is user friendly and that you do not require legal training to use it.

There is information on the website and a helpline number if you need assistance to register the claim.

Once you have registered the claim we will be able to investigate your claim and provide a response.

All other claims

If you are a claimant in person and wish to make a liability claim against the council please submit a letter of claim to the council’s Insurance team at [email protected]

Please note the insurance service is shared between City of Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

The information needed in a letter of claim is defined in law and should include the following information:

  • claimant’s name and address
  • claimant’s date of birth
  • claimant’s National Insurance number
  • details of the incident such as exact location and date and time it occurred
  • an indication of the injury or damage to property
  • a detailed explanation of how or why you feel the council has acted negligently
  • if you are making a highways claim, it will help if you complete a highways claim form.

If you are making a highways claim, it will help if you complete a highways claim form.

If you are making a housing claim in relation to damage, it will help if you complete a housing claim form.

Housing claim form PDF, 246.45 KB, 9 pages

Published: 19 January 2021

Last updated: 27 March 2024