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Youth Council

See how you can have your say and meet your Youth MPs.

Published: 9 February 2021

Last updated: 7 October 2022

Westminster Youth Council (WYC) is an inclusive and diverse platform for 11-18 year olds (up to 25 with SEND) who live or study in Westminster to come together and discuss issues that are pertinent to them. This could be anything from mental health, to living spaces, to gang violence, to the environment.

Led by the Members of Youth Parliament for Westminster, James Balloqui and Kaden Pradhan, and managed by Youth Council Lead Shofa Miah, the WYC has hybrid weekly meetings on Monday evenings after school. Members join the meetings via MS Teams or in person at Westminster City Hall.

The WYC has done hugely important work in furthering the objectives of young people in Westminster and amplifying the youth voice. We receive unique opportunities to attend joint events and conferences, debate significant and topical issues, and network with decision-makers and other young people. It’s a truly wonderful experience!

Have your say - join us

  • Do you live work or study in Westminster?
  • Are you aged 11 to 18 (or up to 25 with additional needs)?
  • Want to have your say about things that matter to you?
  • Got ideas to improve Westminster’s services for your needs?

Join us to:

  • get involved in decisions that affect you
  • meet the people who make decisions in Westminster
  • get your voice heard and have your say

Joining the WYC is simple—all you have to do is fill out the online form. Please note that if you are under 18, you must have parental consent to join and be able to participate in our weekly sessions.

Remember to spread the word and encourage your peers to register!

Our priorities this year are:

  • Homelessness & Living Spaces
  • Gang Violence
  • The Environment
  • Youth Services
  • Mental Health
  • Education

Westminster Youth Elections

There are around 12,000 young people aged 11 to 18 in Westminster and every year you vote for your Youth MP and Deputy Youth MP. This year, in accordance with the increase of youth population in Westminster, British Youth Council have allowed us to elect two MYPs. We had a staggering 54 applications for these two places, which was a record number! We are delighted to announce Youth Council members voted in: Kaden Pradhan and James Balloqui as the new MYPs. They will both serve a 1-year term with us. Please see their manifestos below:

Meet your Youth MPs

Youth MP James Balloqui

James Balloqui, 17, MYP

Priorities as Youth MP:

  • Youth services
  • Mental health
  • Education


Youth MP, James says:

I’ve been a member of Youth Council since October 2019 and have lived in Westminster all my life. I joined Westminster Youth Council to make positive change for Young people. It was a great honour to be elected Member of Youth Parliament for Westminster. Using my role I aim to deliver on my manifesto points which are some of the most pressing issues Young people face currently. The pandemic has highlighted that not enough is being done to support our Young People, I hope that with Kaden and the other members of Youth Council we can achieve real change for Young people by the end of my term.

Youth MP Kaden Pradhan

Kaden Pradhan, 17, MYP

Priorities as Youth MP:

  • Homelessness and  living spaces
  • Gang violence
  • Environment


Youth MP, Kaden says:

I have lived and studied in Westminster all my life, and to be elected as a Member of Youth Parliament is a great honour. I believe that young people are powerful agents for change, and I aim to use this role for the betterment of the youth in Westminster and the wider borough. The Youth Council is an important and constructive body that, for years, has helped work towards improvement, and it is my objective to further the Council’s great work. I will also tackle my three manifesto points head-on, working to improve the lives of rough sleepers or those in poor living conditions, reducing gang violence, and addressing numerous environmental issues.

James and Kaden will now act as the voice of young people of Westminster, take part in the UK Youth Parliament and will work directly with key decision makers in the council to help influence and shape local services for young people.

UK Youth Parliament

Aziz Saiq MSP on BBC Parliament at Westminster

Aziz Saiq MYP 2017 to 2019

As of October 2016, Westminster City Council joined the UK Youth Parliament following a vote from its Youth Council. The decision to join the Youth Parliament means that our current Youth MPs are official Members of Youth Parliament (MYP).

Formed in 2000, the Youth Parliament has around 350 members, who are elected to represent the views of young people in their area to government and service providers. Over 500,000 young people vote in the elections each year, which are held in at least 90 percent of constituencies. It is managed by the British Youth Council.

Members meet regularly to hold debates and plan campaigns at least three times a year locally and twice on a national level, which includes an annual debate within the Chamber of the House of Commons every November.

Those elected for UKYP hold the suffix of MYP (Member of the UK Youth Parliament) in their names.

Volunteering opportunities in Westminster

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Young Westminster Foundation

Become a young voter

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UK Youth Parliament

You can also follow the Westminster Youth Council on Twitter.