Recycling at home

Every residential property in Westminster including individual houses or blocks of flats receives at least one mixed recycling collection per week.

Clear recycling bags and black recycling box

Please recycle using clear bags or black boxes provided by the council or in communal properties use large recycling bins.

Order recycling bags

Find out how recycling and rubbish is collected

Please put only materials listed in section 1 in clear bags, black boxes, and large recycling bins on communal properties.

If you live on an estate, you can be kind to the environment by putting you recycling in reusable bags.

Reusable recycling bag

1. What goes in mixed recycling

Before recycling, please:

  • rinse out bottles, jars, tins and cans and remove lids
  • flatten all cardboard
Put the following in your mixed recycling
Paper and cardboard
Food tins and drinks cans
Mixed glass bottles and jars
Cartons eg Tetra Paks
Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
Aerosol cans; they should be empty and not crushed
Aluminium foil, washed and squashed

Read more information about what can be recycled in Westminster.

2. What doesn't go in mixed recycling

Put these items in your rubbish
Carrier bags or black bags
Polystyrene packing or beads
Bubble wrap - please reuse
Plastic film or clingfilm
Crisp packets or sweet wrappers
Takeaway coffee cups, coffee machine capsules and pods
Wet wipes, tissues and paper towel
Broken glassware, Pyrex dishes - wrapped in newspaper
Broken windows and mirror glass - wrapped in newspaper
  • Compost your garden and food waste (if you can't compost your garden and food waste, please put it in your rubbish)
  • Find out how to dispose of hazardous waste items like household hazardous chemical containers

3. Recycling textiles, small electrical appliances and books

There are a number of on-street recycling bins for textiles, small electrical appliances and books in Westminster.

Recycle textiles

Find out how to recycle textiles

Recycle small electrical appliances

Find out how to recycle small electrical appliances

Recycle books

Books in good condition can be donated to charity shops in Westminster or you can use BookMooch where you can swap your old books for someone else's.

You can also bring books to the mobile recycling centre  or to one of the 10 book bins found at the following locations:

  • Paddington Street, W1U 4JT (outside Paddington Street Gardens)
  • Inverness Terrace, W2 6JA (by entrance to Hallfield Estate)
  • Moscow Road, W2 4JS (outside LEB substation)
  • Warwick Avenue, W9 2PT(By Tube Station)
  • Elgin Avenue (junction with Maida Vale)
  • Shirland Road, outside Beechcroft House, W9 2EY
  • Aberdeen Place, W9 1AE (junction with Cunningham Street)
  • Acacia Road, NW8 6DN (outside St John's Wood Station)
  • Wellington Place, NW8 7PB (near public toilet)
  • Erasmus Street, SW1P 4HX (Junction with Cureton Street)

The books are collected by the charity READ International to fund new book provision in Tanzania.

4. Large items

If you have bulky items to dispose of, please don't dump them in the street for someone else to deal with.

There are many ways to get rid of big items such as mattresses, sofas and fridges.

Recycle large items

5. Recycling tips

About 50% of the waste we produce can easily be recycled in Westminster.

Read these tips on recycling:

  • remember shampoo bottles, egg boxes, toilet roll tubes and clean aluminium foil can all be recycled
  • squash down bottles, cans and boxes to help you fit more into your recycling bag or container
  • help your flatmates or family by putting a list of what you can recycle on the fridge door
  • if you forget to put your recycling out on your collection day, you can still recycle it at your nearest recycling centre
  • save money by making your food go further - gets tips on Love Food, Hate Waste

Last updated: 22 October 2018
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