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Recycling and rubbish collections

Find out how and when we collect your recycling and rubbish.

Recycling at home

Find out what can be can be recycled and put in your mixed recycling bag.

How we collect your mixed rubbish and recycling

We collect your mixed recycling and rubbish depending on your property type and location.

Order mixed recycling bags

Request 2 packs of clear bags for your mixed recycling.

Rubbish and recycling collection times

Find out the day and time that we collect your rubbish and recycling.

How to dispose of bulky waste

If your unwanted items cannot be reused or recycled, here are the options for disposing of the bulky waste from your home.

Hazardous household waste

Guidance on what to do if you come across hazardous or clinical rubbish which must be disposed of safely and correctly.

Where does your recycling and rubbish go?

Find out how the content from your recycling bags, boxes and bins is collected and where it's taken.

In It to Win It, rewarding estates for recycling

You can find out about how to win prizes for your community by recycling more.

Food waste recycling

Find out how to recycle your food waste.