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The West End

To help secure the West End’s future as a world-class location, the council is leading an ambitious programme of improvements.  

Berwick Street

The Berwick Street, Peter Street, Broadwick Street and Ingestre Place, W1 Planning Brief was adopted in 2007.

The aim is to promote a wider regeneration scheme for the entire Berwick Street site.

​​In addition to the Planning Brief, the Soho Action Plan adopted in 2007 aspires to promote Berwick Street as Soho's local high street and contains a number of actions to regenerate the local area. 


The Chinatown Action Plan was adopted in 2003 and is the blueprint for making Chinatown cleaner and safer, more culturally vibrant and better managed.

A Design Strategy for Chinatown was launched in 2008 as an ambitious project to implement various aesthetic and functional improvements.

The Chinese Arts Space (CAS) is a project involving the local community and London-based Chinese and East Asian artists. 

Covent Garden

The Covent Garden Action Plan was adopted in 2004.

It aims to address many of the pressures facing Covent Garden and the demands of residents, businesses and tourists.

A public realm study took place in 2006 to inform the design and approach to all street improvements in that part of Covent Garden. Since the study, 80% of the 77 key actions of the action plan have been delivered or are ongoing. 

Edgware Road

Our 2006 Action Plan for Edgware Road helped us to stimulate interest in the area.

We want to build on this by seeing the establishment of a business improvement district for the area. 

Leicester Square

We adopted the Leicester Square Action Plan in 2002 and many of the actions have been successfully completed. 

Leicester Square has had a £15.5 million makeover as part of a regeneration project. 

Oxford, Regent and Old and New Bond Streets

The Oxford, Regent and Bond Street Action Plan was formally adopted in 2008.

The plan sets out a vision for the three retail streets and immediate surrounding areas.

Soho Action Plan

The Soho Action Plan was adopted in 2007 and it aimed to deliver a variety of actions for the diverse community including residents, businesses and visitors. Recognising its unique character the plan outlined 65 actions or which 80% have been delivered or are on going.

Aspirations of the plan included improving community facilities and supporting small independent businesses and the creative industries, helping the area to thrive through regeneration and improvement. 

In 2014, the council and Transport for London commissioned a public realm study for Soho aimed at outlining the principles of improving Soho’s street environment, making recommendations for priority streets and in particular how they could be improved for pedestrians and cyclists.  


The Theatreland Strategy was adopted in 2008. 

Since the adoption of the strategy, the Theatreland lighting and signage guide has been prepared to encourage more exciting yet architecturally respectful lighting and signage installations on theatre facades. 

Last updated: 9 September 2019