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Local elections 2022

View the results for Westminster City Council.

West End

Candidates nominated to stand in the West End ward.

Voter turnout: 31.50%

Electorate: 7509

Ballot papers counted: 2365

Declaration of Results - West End Ward.pdf
Surname, other name(s) Description, if any Results
Barnes, Tim Conservative Party Candidate 961
Coelho, George Liberal Democrats 207
Fisher, Paul Edward Labour Party 1158 - elected
Lilley, Patrick Eamon Joseph Labour Party 1111 - elected
Murphy, Eoghain Leo Conservative Party Candidate 913
Redmond, Julie Ann Conservative Party Candidate 923
Taylor, Sophie Amanda Liberal Democrats 264
Toale, Jessica Jade Labour Party 1111 - elected
Weisz, Jonah Louis Liberal Democrats 158

Statement of persons nominated for the West End ward

Published: 28 April 2022

Last updated: 10 May 2022