Ward budgets

Ward budgets are a dedicated and flexible resource with which to address specific local issues and priorities.

Local councillors have been given an annual budget since April 2008 to spend on local projects in their wards - from 1 April 2014 this is £46,000 per ward per year. The budgets are intended to enable councillors to address local issues and priorities that matter most to residents. This could range from improving the local environment with new trees, flowers or improved paving, to purchasing new equipment for the local sports club, or funding activities for older residents. 

How to apply

Please ensure your project meets the following guidelines:

  • it is of benefit to local residents
  • it is not against council policy
  • it is managed by an organisation or club; we are not able to fund individuals

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Ward budgets

2014 to 2018

Projects funded 2014 to 2018

2010 to 2014

Projects funded April 2010 to March 2014

2008 to 2010

The programme was piloted for the first 2 years. Summaries of all the projects supported from 2008 to 2010 are available in the table below.

Abbey Road Maida Vale
Bayswater Marylebone High Street
Bryanston and Dorset Square Queen's Park
Churchill Regent's Park
Church Street St James's
Harrow Road Tachbrook
Hyde Park Vincent Square
Knightsbridge and Belgravia Warwick
Lancaster Gate Westbourne
Little Venice West End

If you would like more information in regards to the projects your ward has funded, please email the ward budgets team for more details.


How would you like to see your ward budgets spent?

All wards are keen to hear your views on how these funds should be allocated. You can put your ideas for projects forward by contacting the ward budgets team:


020 7641 3255

Find out which ward you are in

Background to the Ward Budget Programme

In April 2008, the council introduced a Ward Budgets Programme which provided funds to each ward in the city to support local projects and priorities.  

All projects:

  • were locally derived
  • met an identified need
  • improved local social, economic or environmental well-being
  • did not undermine council or partners' policies or service delivery
  • were lawful

Following the success of the pilot programme, new funds have been allocated to each ward since April 2010. Since April 2012 this amount has been £46,000 per ward per year.

How to put forward your priorities and ideas?

Your views about the key issues and priorities for your ward can be submitted at any time during the year. To influence spending you can contact your local ward councillors directly or contact the ward budgets team.


Monitoring spending

Ward budgets are still public money so the same criteria apply as would to any other form of public spending, such as appropriate accountability. All activity is subject to the council's constitution, standing orders and financial regulations. Therefore, ward budgets are paid retrospectively and evidence of spend must be shown before invoices can be paid. Find out more about the council's decision making process. Ward budgets cannot be used by council services, partners or third parties to make savings.

Ward budgets can be used to fund joint projects between two or more wards providing each ward has identified the same issue and there are clear benefits for the residents in each ward.

If councillors propose spending the budget on extra services delivered by the council or its partners, the price will be calculated in real terms based on how much the extra burden will cost the relevant department, including set-up, man hours and running costs. When commissioning services from third parties, the usual codes of conduct will apply in seeking a number of quotes to ensure best value for money.

A quarterly update report covering spending in each ward will be produced, explaining to residents how funds are being allocated in their areas and what has been delivered as a result.

Last updated: 8 May 2018