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Apply for ward budget funding

Ward budgets are a resource that Westminster Councillors can use to support local issues and priorities. An initial budget of £46,000 per year is allocated to each ward. This rolls over each year across a 4 year electoral cycle.

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We welcome applications from community groups, charities and organisations that benefit residents in Westminster. You need to apply at least 2 months before the intended start of your project (or 3 months if you are requesting funding for more than 3 wards, or for more than £10,000).

  • Current Before you apply
  • About you and the organisation you're applying on behalf of
  • About the project
  • About the project costs
  • Agreement and what's next
  • Complete

Before you apply

To complete this application form, you will need:

  • the details about the project you are applying for Ward Budget funding for
  • project start and completion dates 
  • a breakdown of project costs
  • which wards the project will take place within
All Westminster wards, May 2022 PDF, 43.25 MB, 18 pages

You will not be able to save your application form prior to completion.

Read our data protection notice to learn about how the council complies with data protection laws when processing your data.