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Cut your carbon footprint

Tackling the climate emergency requires individual efforts. Opting for sustainable lifestyle choices is significant as it:

  • elicits a sense of personal satisfaction and individual contribution to the solution
  • inspires others to take action too, by normalising sustainable actions and amplifying positive efforts
  • conserves energy and resources, ultimately minimising carbon emissions
  • raises the importance of taking climate action to policymakers and businesses, influencing decisions they make

There are lots of sustainable choices you can make.

Firstly, calculate your carbon footprint to understand the best opportunities for you to cut your carbon footprint.

Explore Imperial College London's excellent resource, outlining 9 things you can do about climate change.

Further to this, we have also developed guides to help you get started with making sustainable lifestyle choices covering waste, travel, and shopping. Explore them below!


A silver food waste bin, with a plastic liner and full of vegetable peelings, stale bread and teabags
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