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Cycling toolkit - things to get you started

Advice on buying and maintaining your bicycle and safe cycling in London

Secure your bike

A bike thief will go for the easiest bike to take. So make sure yours is the best secured bike in the rack. 

  • lock your bike in a public space and not out of sight. 
  • vary the location you use (find your nearest cycle stand
  • use the best lock you can afford, preferably one that has the 'Sold Secure' gold, silver or bronze rating (for maximum security use 2 locks of different types e.g. D locks and cable locks) 
  • lock both the wheel and the frame to the bike stand - an additional cable through the other wheel is good too 
  • lock your bike snugly to the stand - it should not move about or be possible for it to fall over  
  • remove small items such as lights or any parts that are 'quick release' 
  • your lock should not rest on the floor - it makes it easier to smash with a hammer 
  • never lock the top tube to a stand with a “D” lock - this makes it easy to break by twisting 
  • if you lock to a street sign be sure it can’t simply be lifted over the top - is the sign securely attached  
  • look out for cyclehoops, which provide a secure and stable way of locking to upright street signs 

Remember to be considerate to pedestrians - ensure that your bike isn’t blocking the footway and can’t fall over or act as a trip hazard. 

Bike marking 

Bike marking is available free of charge through the Bike Register scheme at events we run in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task force. 

Find a bike marking event near you or use the Bike Register online service

Published: 15 December 2020

Last updated: 4 February 2021