Cycling events

Led rides

There are events for every level of ability and fitness. They are a great way to get out on your bike in the company of others. Find out more about led rides.

Westminster Cycle Station

Held at the same 4 locations each month, the Cycle Station offers free bike checks, bike security marking from the police and a chance to talk to a council officer about any cycling issues. You can also sign up for a city cycling course and participate in the consultations we are running throughout the year regarding cycling projects, including the Superhighways and Quietways.

Dr Bike

Free pop-up events where you can get basic repairs done at no cost and receive valuable bike maintenance advice.

Exchanging Places events

Run by the Met Police, these events give you the chance to sit in the high cab of a HGV and see for yourself where cyclists can and cannot be seen from the drivers point of view. Exchanging Place events

Bike marking

Get your bike security marked by the Metropolitan Police using the Bike Register system. This service usually runs alongside Exchanging Places events. Learn more at Bike Register.

Events calendar

Last updated: 6 September 2016
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