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How we will work with suppliers to deliver responsible business.

Our Responsible Procurement and Commissioning Strategy

Our Responsible Procurement and Commissioning strategy (RPC) sets a clear framework to guide our work with suppliers on community wealth building to deliver responsible business and sustainable development.

Read the new strategy:

The RPC strategy is based on four pillars, which are aligned with our overarching Fairer Westminster Strategy and wider national and international objectives including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Fairer Environment

A cartoon man standing next to a green house with a digital screen with different environmental indicators on it
  • Increase climate action
  • Reduce air pollution from contractor activity
  • Reduce waste and integrate circular economy principles within supply chains
  • Increase contractor contribution to urban greening and biodiversity

Fairer Council

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  • Increase due diligence to combat modern slavery and exploitation 
  • Increase responsible business performance of contractors 
  • Increase sustainable procurement and supply chain

Fairer Communities

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  • Increase collaboration with contractors to tackle poverty and inequality in Westminster
  • Increase supply chain equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Increase partnerships with contractors to strengthen local communities 

Fairer Economy

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  • Increase spend and support for target organisations to drive community wealth building 
  • Increase good work and training for Westminster residents and professional development of existing supplier staff

Responsible Procurement Strategy publications

Our RPC strategy is accompanied by three new publications which support its implementation.

Our first modern slavery statement describes the steps taken to ensure modern slavery forms no part of our business or supply chain. It details our policies, procedures, training and procurement mechanisms used to mitigate the risks of modern slavery and includes an action plan for continuous improvement.  

The Supplier Charter is a set of commitments suppliers are asked to make to demonstrate that they share our responsible business ambitions. The requirements are tailored according to the contract's nature, value and duration.   

The guidance provides details of the evidence requests for each Supplier Charter requirement in order to provide clarity to bidders and existing contractors who wish to sign up.

Supplier Charter Guidance.pdf PDF, 314.98 KB, 6 pages

The Ethical Procurement Policy is a set of core requirements on working conditions, freedom of association and collective bargaining, regular employment, humane treatment and blacklisting, and payment of the Living Wage. It will apply to all council contracts, initially over a value of over £100,000, of any duration and within any sector.

Ethical Procurement Policy PDF, 177.35 KB, 3 pages