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Fairer Westminster

About the strategy

A Fairer Westminster is one in which our residents are at the heart of our decision-making and help to determine the city’s future. By working with you, we can build a more inclusive city that celebrates our diverse communities, and where residents, workers and visitors from all backgrounds will feel welcome and safe.

Our strategy will help us to:

  • make Westminster one of the best places to grow up with cultural activities, learning opportunities, and high-quality public spaces for everyone
  • put residents at the centre of our housing offer
  • make our council services transparent, easily accessible and effective
  • tackle the climate emergency, becoming a net zero council by 2030, and a net zero city by 2040
  • nurture a diverse, sustainable and resilient economy, one where residents share in the city’s economic success

The outcomes we want for Westminster

Our five main ambitions, which will be used to support our decision-making

Fairer Communities

a cartoon of people helping each other up a flight of stairs
  • Poverty and inequality are reduced, making Westminster a healthier and more equitable place.
  • The city is a safe place where all discrimination is tackled and everyone feels welcome.
  • Westminster provides excellent public health and social care services, and physical activity opportunities that ensure all adults can stay healthy and thrive as they age.
  • Westminster is a great place for children to grow up, with its cultural and learning opportunities, active communities, and excellent schools.
  • Community and voluntary sector organisations are empowered to prosper in Westminster.

Fairer Housing

A cartoon blue house with four windows and people in each one
  • The housing needs of residents, families and social care users are met through the provision of greener and more genuinely affordable housing, the majority of which is for council rent, aiming for 70% on council-owned developments.
  • Homelessness is reduced due to increased support.
  • Private rented sector properties are well managed.
  • Our tenants and lessees are consistently satisfied with our housing services, and the improved condition and energy efficiency of our housing stock.

Fairer Economy

A cartoon smartphone with a 3D shop and truck appearing out of it
  • Westminster remains economically successful, with a diverse, sustainable, resilient economy that delivers growth and benefits for all residents today and in the future.
  • Oxford Street and the West End are reimagined and revived, safeguarding their position in the national economy, and ensuring they deliver a world class offer and experience to residents, businesses, workers and visitors.
  • Small businesses are supported to grow and remain, whilst our local high streets are prepared to face the future, becoming more vibrant and accessible, at the heart of communities.
  • Residents have the right skills to take advantage of the city’s employment opportunities and develop fulfilling careers.

Fairer Environment

A cartoon man standing next to a green house with a digital screen with different environmental indicators on it
  • We will take ambitious action on climate change, and aim to become a net zero council by 2030, and a net zero city by 2040.
  • The city matches World Health Organization guidelines to limit residents’ and visitors’ exposure to air pollution.
  • Westminster’s streets are cleaner and safer, our services use clean technology, and recycling is increased.
  • People have access to high-quality green spaces, shops, voluntary, community, health and leisure services within a 15-minute distance from their home.
  • Residents, workers and visitors are enabled and are encouraged to travel through Westminster in more active and sustainable ways.

Fairer Council

Three cartoon hands annotating a graph, a pie chart and a light bulb
  • People can more easily find the information and services they need to improve their lives.
  • We make decisions more transparently in a way that makes residents feel listened to.
  • We are financially sustainable so that we can continue supporting residents and businesses.
  • Our procurement is responsible and ensures ethical treatment of people, and our investment activity takes account of environmental impacts.

Watch our video outlining the new strategy

Get involved

There are so many ways you can get involved with us. It could be staying up-to-date with the latest news, or helping shape how decisions are made.

Strategy translations


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