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Giving notice to marry or form a civil partnership

You will need to book an appointment to declare that you intend to marry or form a civil partnership.

Published on: 3 December 2020

Last updated: 15 November 2022

Giving notice of intention involves attending an appointment at a register office where you will declare who you intend to marry or form a civil partnership with, where the ceremony will take place and that you are legally free to get married or form a civil partnership.

If you and your partner are both relevant nationals, you must give notice at the register office in the borough or district in which you each reside.

A relevant national is someone who is either British, Irish, or has either pre-settled status, settled status, or is awaiting the outcome of their EUSS application.

You will need to book an appointment to give notice of intention. Before you book, please make sure you have read through the guidance below.

When giving notice, you need to state the venue where the ceremony will be taking place. We recommend you make a booking to reserve the venue as soon as possible (including booking the registrars in that district, if applicable). 

To find out how we use the information we collect about you, and your rights in relation to that information, please see our privacy notice.

The register office is currently open for appointments and booking is available herePlease complete this form if you need an urgent appointment to give notice if you are getting married or forming a civil partnership within the next two months and you cannot find an appointment in time for your ceremony.

Please note that the law regarding where you can give notice is changing on 1 July 2021. Please visit GOV.UK before booking your appointment to make sure that you are eligible to book your notice appointment here in Westminster.