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Search and comment on planning applications and register for email notifications

Find out how to search all planning applications and decisions, comment on current applications and set up email notifications.

Published on: 24 December 2020

Last updated: 13 January 2021

What happens next

We will consider all comments received for an application and may contact applicants suggesting amendments.

Where applicants make significant changes to their applications, we may provide people who have commented a further 14 to 21 days to make additional observations.

Councillor decisions

Where an application is to be reported to a councillor for a decision to be made, all comments received will be available for public review 5 days before the planning committee meeting.

People who comment will be told the time and location of the committee meeting. All comments will be summarised in the committee report. You can also register to speak at planning committee.

Everyone who wrote to us about an application will be informed of the decision. Where we receive a petition about a planning application, we will notify the petition organiser of the decision.