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Planning policy

Find out how the City Plan, neighbourhood planning and other planning policy and guidance

Westminster's planning policies

A summary of the several key policies and documents that planning applications in Westminster are determined by.

City Plan Partial Review

Providing a framework for delivering long-term housing, commercial and infrastructure growth in Westminster

Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

Find out about our Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

Other planning guidance to support policies

These documents contain generic, topic and site-specific guidance that explain how our planning policies will be applied.

Neighbourhood areas, forums and plans

Find out more about neighbourhood areas, forums and plans and view adopted neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood CIL

Find out how the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy could improve your community.

Planning consultation database

Sign up to hear about active or upcoming planning consultations.

Emerging policies and consultations

Find out about our forthcoming work, how we engage and the council's responses to consultations

Evidence and monitoring

Find out about the evidence that underpins our policies and how we monitor them.

Custom and self-build register

Register with us to help us assess the demand for this type of housing.

City Plan 2019 - 2040: previous stages

You can see all documents related to the preparation and Examination of the City Plan 2019-2040.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Find out about our new Statement of Community Involvement.