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Find out how the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy could improve your community.

Neighbourhood CIL

Could Neighbourhood CIL fund projects in your community?

The council awards funding to individuals or organisations to help deliver local infrastructure in neighbourhoods across the city. This funding is called Neighbourhood CIL. It can be used to support any services or facilities that support residents and visitors, for example, tidying up a public open space, running a new class at a community centre, and providing equipment for youth activities.

The funding is awarded through a quarterly application process intended to allow the local community to propose infrastructure projects that positively shape the area and help residents achieve their vision for their neighbourhood. Applications can be made by any individual or organisation, including Neighbourhood Forums, other local community groups or community members, or even the council. We work directly with applicants to give your proposal the greatest chance of success. 

View a map of all NCIL projects which have been allocated funding.

Watch our case study to see how we’ve funded previous projects.

We have a comprehensive guide to applying for Neighbourhood CIL including answers to the most frequently asked questions.

View our frequently asked questions (FAQS)

How to apply

Applicants must meet the NCIL pre-application engagement requirement by consulting council officers. We will host quarterly information sessions for an overview of NCIL, policies and processes and to discuss your application ideas. We want to work with you to give your application the greatest chance of success. Failure to engage may result in application rejection.

Next pre-application session

Please make sure you engage with us before submitting your application. We will be providing a date for a pre-application consultation session soon.

Upcoming deadlines

Round Applications open Application deadline 
Winter 22 January 2024 26 January 2024


22 April 2024 26 April 2024
Summer 22 July 2024 26 July 2024
Autumn 21 October 2024 25 October 2024

To apply, download the application form, fill it out, and return it by emailing [email protected]

Neighbourhood CIL application form
Neighbourhood CIL application form PDF, 208.62 KB, 11 pages

View a successful application.

View our frequently asked questions.

What is infrastructure?

Public infrastructure includes all kinds of services and facilities needed to support life in the city.​ 

Infrastructure includes roads and public transport, ​communications services like broadband, ​water and wastewater systems and drainage, schools, ​sporting and recreational facilities, ​parks and other open spaces, ​railway stations , bus stops, and​ community centres. Public realm improvements and creating new public spaces and community facilities such as playgrounds, community hubs, and other places where people gather.

How do I know if NCIL is the right funding option for me?

NCIL must be spent on the provision, improvement, replacement, operation and maintenance of infrastructure needed to support the city's growth or mitigate the impact of a development. ​ Projects must also meet all of our local policies and criteria and have regard to national legislation and guidance. You can find out more about that here: 

CIL Spending Policy Statement 2022
CIL Spending Policy Statement 2022 PDF, 281.28 KB, 10 pages

Government guidance on CIL 

Neighbourhood CIL Toolkit from Locality 

We can't fund projects that aren't or help to facilitate community infrastructure. If you don't think your project fits the minimum criteria, look at the  other funding options  in the council. Review all the options available to you to have the best chance of receiving funding and not causing your project to be delayed.

How much Neighbourhood CIL is available in Westminster?

Neighbourhood area Collected Allocated and spent Available balance

Notting Hill East








Little Venice and Maida Vale








Church Street




Churchill Gardens Estate




Ebury Bridge




Fitzrovia West




Hyde Park and Paddington








Maida Hill
















Queen's Park £2,819.83 £2097.74 £722.09





South East Bayswater




St James's




St John's Wood












Outside Neighbourhood areas




Total NCIL available balance for all areas: £9,872,684.39

Balances are as of 18 January 2024. Balances are based on accounting information available at the time and are subject to amendment.