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Westminster's planning policies

A summary of the several key policies and documents that planning applications in Westminster are determined by.

Published: 25 January 2021

Last updated: 22 April 2022

Westminster's Development Plan

There are several key policies and documents that planning applications in Westminster are determined by. These make up Westminster's Development Plan and include:

1 - Westminster’s City Plan 2019-2040

  • ​adopted by full council on 21 April 2021
  • the City Plan 2019-2040 is the key document used in determining planning applications in Westminster

See our adoption documents:

City Plan 2019-2040
City Plan 2019-2040 PDF, 19.81 MB, 216 pages

You can also view an interactive version of the policies map.

2 - Neighbourhood Plans

Currently Westminster has five ‘made’ (adopted) neighbourhood plans:

The plans are used to determine planning applications in the Knightsbridge neighbourhood area, the Mayfair neighbourhood area, the Soho neighbourhood area, the Fitzrovia West, and the Queen's Park neighbourhood area respectively.

3 - London Plan

The Mayor of London adopted the London Plan in March 2021

National Planning Policy Framework

The government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012 created a structure which assists local councils in creating their own Local Plans. It is part of the government’s reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible.

The government published the latest NPFF in June 2019.

Policies in the NPPF can be used directly to determine planning applications in Westminster as a material consideration. They are not, however, part of Westminster’s Development Plan.

Superseded City Plan and saved UDP policies

The City Plan (November 2016) and the saved UDP policies are now superseded and are not part of Westminster’s Development Plan. Policies in both documents have now been deleted or replaced by policies in the City Plan 2019-2040.

The City Plan (November 2016) and the saved UDP policies should therefore not be used when determining planning applications in Westminster. However, they may continue to be used when referring to old planning applications or appeals.

The City Plan 2019-2040 Appendix 3 contains a table that sets outs which City Plan (November 2016) and UDP saved policies have been deleted. When they have not been deleted, the table sets outs which policy in City Plan 2019-2040 supersedes them.

See the superseded documents:

CORE 020 - Adopted Westminster City Plan (2016)
Strategic policies map for City Plan
Introduction - UDP
Introduction - UDP PDF, 85.79 KB, 10 pages
Part 1
Part 1 PDF, 554.45 KB, 70 pages
Chapter 1 - central area
Chapter 1 - central area PDF, 310.41 KB, 31 pages
Chapter 2 - commerce - strikethrough
Chapter 3 - housing
Chapter 3 - housing PDF, 504.76 KB, 44 pages
Chapter 04 - transport
Chapter 04 - transport PDF, 241.27 KB, 66 pages
Chapter 5 - policies for NW Westminster
Chapter 6- social and community facilities
Chapter 7 - shopping and services
Chapter 7 - shopping and services PDF, 457.2 KB, 70 pages
Chapter 9 - environment
Chapter 9 - environment PDF, 623.82 KB, 84 pages
Chapter 10 - urban design conservation
Chapter 11 - River Thames
Chapter 11 - River Thames PDF, 143.43 KB, 22 pages
Chapter 12 - Strategic Policies Map
UDP glossary
UDP glossary PDF, 253.71 KB, 32 pages