Data protection laws have changed. Please read our planning privacy notice before you make comments on a planning application, and take extra care with your personal information.

Planning applications, decision notices and archived records

2. Comment on planning applications

You can make comments on planning issues only. The council can't consider non-planning issues.

This means we can't refuse a scheme because of construction noise, but we can restrict working hours to reduce disturbance to neighbours.

Planning issues Non-planning issues
The effect on a neighbour's daylight, sunlight or privacy The effect on property values
The impact on traffic, road access, parking and servicing Competition between rival businesses
The appearance, bulk or height of the proposed development Party wall disputes and fire escape matters
Impact like noise generated by the proposal Moral and religious issues
The potential loss of a valued local service or use such as a shop or a residential flat  

Submitting a comment

The quickest way to comment on planning applications is to:

  1. Search our database for submitted applications
  2. Press the 'Make a comment' button in the top right-hand corner

Search applications

Comments will appear alongside the planning application and supporting documents on our website. 

We welcome your views and will email you once we get receive comment.

What happens next

We'll consider all comments received for an application and may contact applicants suggesting amendments. 

Where applicants make significant changes, we may provide people who have commented a further 14 to 21 days to make additional observations.

Councillor decisions

Where an application is to be reported to a councillor for a decision to be made, all comments received will be available for public review 5 days before the planning committee meeting. 

People who comment will be told the time and location of the committee meeting. All comments will be summarised in the committee report. 

Everyone who wrote to us about an application will be informed of the decision. 

3. Planning Committee meetings and reports

View upcoming meetings

Our Planning Committees are split into 4 sub-committees which take place on a weekly basis. 

The Planning and City Development Committee meets only on strategic and policy maters. 

The links below will take you to agendas and committee report packs for each subcommittee.

Planning applications Sub-Committee 1

Planning applications Sub-Committee 2

Planning applications Sub-Committee 3

Planning (Major Applications) Sub-Committee

Planning and City Development Committee

To view the supporting documents for the committee cases, please search current applications.

Further information on our committees including historic committee reports and are also available on the committee pages.

4. Decision notices

Decision notices can be searched online for the following time periods:

5. Archived records

Our archives contain a number of historic planning related documents dating back to the 1940s. These are stored in a remote location and can be scanned and made available for viewing upon request.  

Due to the nature of the material in these files, often coming from a number of different sources, there is no guarantee that the file will be complete or indexed in a date order format. As a result, researching these documents may take a lot of time and effort on your part to locate the information you need.

The cost of identifying and scanning this information is £300. Where files cover a number of volumes, the price will increase and we will let you know of these additional charges.  

Please be aware that, due to the existing laws covering Data Protection, you can only view this information at the council offices.

Property history information

Information on archiving fees


Request archived records

Last updated: 27 November 2018
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