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Suspensions, dispensations and skips

If you need to carry out works or deliver heavy equipment, apply for a parking bay suspension or a yellow line dispensation.

Yellow line dispensations

Parking dispensations allow you to park on a single yellow line (or in special cases double yellow lines) if a vehicle:

  • needs to carry out specific work
  • needs to be as close to the premises as possible for loading or unloading goods and materials
  • has no alternative parking space available

You can also apply for a single yellow line dispensation for skip delivery. 

Apply for a dispensation

You can apply by downloading and emailing the application form below to: [email protected]. At least 3 days’ notice is required.

If you are organising a special event or filming please contact our City Promotions, Events and Filming team before purchasing a dispensation.


Our charges depend on dispensation duration. Applications can be made for up to seven continuous days at a time, although this can be extended in exceptional circumstances.

SYL dispensation duration Dispensation charges per vehicle
Day 1 £51
Days 2 to 5 £55 per day
Days 6 to 7 £84 per day

There is no charge for weddings or funerals (3 vehicles only).

The Dispensation is not transferable and no refunds will be given for periods of unused time. Refunds for unrequired Dispensations will only be granted up to 3 days in advance of the Dispensation starting


You may be eligible for a dispensation if:

1. Your vehicle is too big to fit in a normal parking bay and you need to park as close to the premises as possible on a yellow line

2. You’re carrying out one of the following types of work or handling one of these substances:

  • carrying or towing a tar boiler
  • removal and loading of asbestos
  • carrying hazardous or dangerous chemicals for use at the premises
  • glass or window installation where a glass rack is fitted to the vehicle’s side
  • sand blasting or equivalent where cables or tubes run from the vehicle to the facade or inside of a building
  • a mobile workshop having equipment fitted to the floor of the vehicle (eg generators or welding equipment)
  • handling roofing equipment
  • handling drainage equipment

3. You need to organise one of the following activities (no charge applies in these circumstances):

  • funerals - 3 vehicles only (hearse and 2 family cars)
  • weddings – 3 vehicles only (main car and 2 family cars)
  • charity events (as determined by our Special Events Team)

4. You wish to place a skip on-street on a single yellow line (this must be covered by a valid skip licence).


We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw a dispensation without notice as and when it is deemed necessary to do so, for example in connection with a major event, incident or emergency. Any payments made will be refunded as appropriate.

Published: 13 January 2021

Last updated: 3 April 2024