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The history of Westminster City Council

The history of the council from 1900

Published on: 6 July 2021

Last updated: 6 July 2021

Westminster City Council

1900 to 1965

Westminster City was formed in 1900 out of the parishes of St Anne Soho, St Clement Danes, St George (Hanover Square), St James (Piccadilly), St Margaret ( Westminster), St Martin-in-the-Fields, St Mary le Strand, St Paul (Covent Garden), the Precinct of the Savoy and the Liberty of the Rolls.

Both the baths & washhouses committee and the libraries committee started under the parish administration and continued under the Westminster City Council administration.

In 1965 the boroughs of St Marylebone and Paddington were added to the City of Westminster, to form the modern Westminster City Council.

1965 onwards

In 1965 the borough of St Marylebone and Paddington Borough Council were added to the City of Westminster.

Westminster City Council's boundaries extended from Pimlico and Victoria in the south through the West End, Marylebone and Bayswater to Paddington and Queen's Park in the north-west.

60 elected council members legislate over the modern city of Westminster. Since 1966, the city has also had an annually-elected Lord Mayor, who carries out a busy programme of civic duties.

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