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Filming in Westminster libraries

Read about filming locations, charges, and how to arrange a shoot.

Published: 24 December 2020

Last updated: 23 February 2021

Our libraries and archives are great locations for a broadcast, documentary or film segment, and each site has its own unique atmosphere and style. We are happy to try to accommodate the requirements of film crews and location scouts looking to film in Westminster.

See the different locations and contact the library manager to enquire.


The charge for filming in a library is £150 per hour or part thereof, during opening hours. The best way to pay is by credit card to a staff member before filming begins. Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer; the library staff will give you the appropriate reference number and code. We can invoice you if the filming is over several days.

There will be an additional charge where the library or archives are involved in the making of the show (eg reality TV), as opposed to a segment of film to be part of another broadcast.

Items about Westminster City Council or the libraries or archives service

We are happy to accommodate news crews and documentary-makers who want to produce items specifically about Westminster City Council or the council’s library or archives service. We wouldn’t generally charge for this as long as:

  • filming occurs during normal working hours
  • it doesn’t require any special support from staff
  • it can be accommodated without disrupting the business

In these cases either the communications team or the Bi-borough Director of Libraries and Archives must agree in advance to waive the fee. In addition the following criteria must be met:

  • the library or archives must have a Westminster City Council backdrop, sign or other branding in the shot for at least 50% of the time
  • the library or archives premises must be on screen for at least 50% of the broadcast
  • the end credit listing must be visible

If your item is about libraries in general (rather than Westminster specifically) and you want to use a library as a backdrop we will require payment. If it is very last minute you can pay by credit card. Please do not put pressure on our staff to waive the fee in these cases.